Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Return to House on Daly

Against my will, I returned to House on Daly today for an afternoon to evening stay. The day was relaxing enough and I enjoyed carrots and kibble for my dinner (although the carrots were cold and the diagonally cut "carrot chips" and not the baby carrot variety I prefer). The stay was pleasant except for the one usual drawback taking up room on the furniture.

Two snorts of the snoot to House on Daly for this repeat stay.


  1. how are you going to come into my house and then complain about me sitting on my sofa that Steve!!! said I could sit on why do you think they put the blanket???

    i had about enough of this!!!!

  2. I find it amusing that you talk so big online but when I am at your house all you do is sulk behind the chair.