Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Plea

Friends, poodles, yorkies, great danes, and, to a lesser extent, beagles, I have an appeal. This time of year, many of us enjoy a quick romp in the snow. Nothing compares to taking a walk in the winter sand, the feeling of frost on your paw pads, rolling in the cold cotton and returning home to shake snow all over the living room. But the most important part of a walk in the snow (yes, even more important that curling up on the couch with a warm Whole Foods biscuit afterwards) is wiping your feet. The snow-melting salt sprinkled upon our favorite element can irritate your paws and needs to be wiped off with a damp cloth. Now, I know some of you out there dislike having your paws wiped. I have seen grown overweight beagle mixes actually whine as if they were at the vet at the mere sight of a moist paper towel. But for the sake of your paw pads, do not put up a fuss. And if you still feel that having your paws wiped is an injustice, go to the bathroom if the house, if you must, to even the score.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Little Things: Baby Carrots

Nothing beats a crunchy baby carrot for a quick snack. They are the perfect size to eat in one bite; no bothersome holding in your paws in fear that a mixed breed hound with oily skin will snatch it. Watch for your personal chef making a trip to the 'fridge and saying s/he "has your favorite treat." It is also acceptable to procure a baby carrot from a fellow diner's hand when they are not looking. You may have to jump a bit to reach your desire but, like all little things, the effort is worth the reward.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Daddy Casserole

This is a delightful Saturday treat. I like to change the vegetable ingredients based on the seasons to incorporate seasonal, local produce. In my younger days, I used to enjoy Pedigree Little Champions as my weekend indulgence but, looking back, cannot believe I used to anticipate a yellow packet of processed meat and synthetic gravy as part of my diet.

Daddy Casserole should be prepared fresh but if you must, you can prepare a large batch and then freeze individual servings in a zip lock bag.

Ask your personal chef to determine how much of each ingredient to use.

Daddy Casserole
Ground turkey meat
Brown Rice
Seasonal vegetables (pumpkin for fall, etc)

Have ingredients mixed and cooked perfectly. Mix over high grade Trader Joe's kibble and eat delicatley, watching over your shoulder for classless Beagles at all times.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Little Things - An introduction

In our mile-a-minute world, most do not take the time to stop and enjoy the tiny pieces of each day that make crawling out of your grotto worthwhile. Some of us are too afraid to make an impact on the world - a fear best described by T.S. Elliot in The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock, "Do I dare disturb the universe?...Shall I part my hair behind/Do I dare to eat a peach?" Others are too self-involved for this world, eager to snatch all that they can from it without stopping to enjoy it. They would rather jump to a table, snatch a piece of stromboli and swallow it as soon as possible - fearing they would be caught stealing if they took the time to enjoy its smokey and creamy flavors. I pride myself on enjoying the warmth of an afternoon sunbeam, the squeak of a well-worn toy and the feel of my teeth going through a piece of mail. I enjoy, in a sense, The Little Things.

While I pride myself in beginning a blog that is not afraid to be critical of the food and life around me, I will take time now and again to make note here of The Little Things I so appreciate in life. I hope you will too.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Review: House on Daly

As P and L traveled the globe, I enjoyed an extended stay at House on Daly. I often vacation on Daly in the summer and occasionally on the holidays. During my last stay, I had a few good meals but dinner at the House is always a gamble.

The menu at House on Daly is typical of Philadelphia cuisine. They offer a low-calorie kibble claiming to contain "natural ingredients" (what is that supposed to mean, I always wonder) but turned it down, fearing it contain the same amount of filler and starch common in most lower grade kibbles. Instead, I opted for my favorite triangular kibble topped with fresh scrambled eggs and drizzled with olive oil for my first evening's meal.

The server prepared my eggs well enough but they were rubbed with an ice cube before landing in my dish, presumably to cool them down (as if I would not be wise enough to just wait patiently). The ice cubes gave the eggs a runny texture and the run off seperated with the oil, leaving an unsavory residue in the bottom of my dish. I left the dregs in my bowl to send a message to the chef that her dinner was inproperly prepared but the message was lost when an opportunistic diner licked every last crumb and drop from my dish after I retired to the living room. But that is the subject for another day.

Two snorts of the snoot to House on Daly for this mixed bag of an evening.