Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Best Things

People often ask me, "Clementine, what is the best meal you've ever eaten?" When most ask me this, they are looking for a cut and dry answer. A steak bone served to me on my birthday. A stack of pitzels I stole off a table. An aged piece of cheddar that fell on my bed. But a good meal is about so much more than taste. It is about the experience, the company and the lessons learned.

At my last trip to West Bangor, I enjoyed a meal of simple kibble outside in the grass. There was no vegetable tian, no caviar, no salmon and no frills. My dining companions were the wind and the morning dew, the butterflies and the distant quarry. And I have never felt more full or satisfied.

Life is not about how many treats you earn, how many toys you stockpile or how many piles of filth you roll in. It's about taking in nature; her gentle breezes and fierce storms, her lady bugs and lions.

This is why I am a holistic foodie. I am a glutton for life, not a glutton for beef or sugar. American Eskimos have lust for life running through their veins. I simply will not tolerate anything but the best experience I can have. Hounds (other dogs too, but mostly hounds) are about just that: hounding. Begging, whining, gobbling. I have witnessed first hand what happens when you go through life just obsessing over the next treat. You end up on your belly, paws to nose and hiding behind someone's sneakers.

Don't let this happen to you.


  1. hey maybe you never hear the phrase quantity has a quality all its own!!!

    and maybe you never hear about street cred!! i'm out here working every day!!!!!

    and maybe you never hear that if you nice to sandwich guy he sometimes give two dinners!!!!!!!

  2. Gomez, if you don't stop harassing me on my blog, I'll have no choice but to block your IP address.

  3. What's that? I pee on any address I want!!!!!!!!!!!!