Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Little Things: Poetry

As you no doubt can tell from my musings, I enjoy the finer things in life. A vine ripened tomato, the smell of simmering black bean soup, the sound of the dog walker running from your home after taking a look at your bared fangs. Not many know, however, that I also enjoy the ancient art of poetry. I have been wary of sharing my work on my blog after witnessing the commercial, sophomoric work of some of my contemporaries. But I believe that now is my time to showcase the art I have been creating in private.

a dash 'round the table
by clementine dellacava-curcio

a dash 'round the table is a
curious thing on a weekday afternoon
sun filtering through the kitchen window
spilling on the tile illuminating the crumbs of
some forgotten meal
a crust of bread, slice of
day old carrot
i sit by the window
swallowing the sun and breeze while
a brindle load stumbles through the door
past the sunlight, past the
fragrant freshly washed bed where i watch
straight to the kitchen where he
inhales the bread, the carrot, the dust, the decay while
i turn my head to the window
breathing in the fresh air of the day and
eating my fill

(c) 2009 Clementine Dellacava-Curcio


  1. hey if you want to post copywritten pictures of flowers it's no salt off my paws but i got a real problem if you start sniffing my work the wrong way!!!

  2. Gomez you are welcome to write your commercial, formulaic drivel on your own blog but this is my domain and I can say what I please.