Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Little Things: 25 things about Me

Many personal chefs I know have joined Facebook, a popular social networking site. Some friends of mine have joined as well using the "Dog Book" application but I refuse to accept a second class service. Until Facebook opens its doors to Canine-Americans, I will have no part of it. However, I am a fan of the trend on Facebook to list 25 facts about yourself. Learning about my fellow man and teaching others about myself is a Little Thing I greatly enjoy. So without further ado (or adon't!), I present:

25 Things about Clementine

1. My favorite fruit is the tomato (it is not a vegetable!)
2. Given the choice of rain or snow, I choose snow.
3. I once swam in Michigan pond. This is an experience we do not discuss.
4. I do not like cats.
5. Everytime I see Anthony Bourdain on TV, I want to bite him.
6. I own land in upstate PA, specifically a few trees and poles.
7. My favorite training companion is a stuffed monkey or whatever Gomez is playing with at the time.
8. I am confident that given a private room, fresh drinking water and the advice of three Border Collies, I could solve our current financial crisis.
9. Yearly check ups are essential. But if you ask me, so is biting the vet.
10. I simply cannot tolerate tardiness.
11. My coat is creme with rich beige highlights.
12. I do not like to roll on my back unless I am in the grass.
13. I have read the complete works of Jane Austen.
14. TV is not worth my time (except BBC America of course)
15. Many dogs take an aggressive approach to the mailman but I have a sophisticated plan to stop him (about which I cannot speak).
16. I love to dance.
17. I do not like it when others dance.
18. I don't know what the Wii is exactly but I do hate it greatly.
19. My bad habit is biting my paw.
20. I used to frequent a quiet, unique dog park but word got out about it and everyone started going there so I stopped.
21. Cats are not the only ones who catch mice.
22. Or flies, for that matter.
23. I once stole a whole pile of pitzells off a table. I have no regrets.
24. Except for that time I at a bar of soap (I was young and naive)
25. Classic music. Gotta have it.

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